Age: 28


Residence Address: 3325 WOODMEADOW PKWY RALEIGH, NC 27610

Arrest Location: 300 S SALISBURY ST RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: TK CARROLL-WCSO



10-07-2015 15A-543(C) FTA-SPEED/DWLR NOT IMP REV


  1. wellington dickens III says:

    So since I already sent an email months ago about this information bein taken down to no avail I would like WAKE MUGSHOTS to send me there “mailing address”/ so that I can proceed with legal action. I need this information within the next 24 hours as well or I will pursue an (F.O.I.A.) so that I can retrieve this information regardless. Ps I just had to ask “the SLAMMER” once and they took down my information almost instantly and therefor im not pursuing anything with them…..Just WAKE MUGSHOT for not even having the common courtesy to reply with something to get this matter resolved, but I was slumbered on and paid no mind. I will tell you Wake MUGSHOT’s now in this email and soon to be in a legalized letter that I will settle for $50,000 for reimbursement now until the deadline of the letter I will be sending shortly in the mail on the retrieval of a Mailing address for WAKE MUGSHOTS. I got the pictures and all evidence of me sending an email months ago pertaining to this matter that will all be brought up on any kind of rebuttal given by WAKE MUGSHOT. The settlement offer is probably less than a 3rd of what I will be asking for in Court based on the actual Defamation(Libel) an Extortion, Mental Anguish,etc that I will be able to charge and prove of with the evidence that I have right now about this matter. Again I repeat that this case was a False Claim by the RALEIGH POLICE DEPARTMENT and WAKE COUNTY SHERIFF’s in which none of those Arresting Officers ( and even the Judge once) showed up to Court Multiple Amounts of times. So they disposed ( not to be confused with dismissed) the case voluntarily by the Prosecutor of THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA voluntarily with no plea on my side or any agreement. So your argument is not with me, its with the Folks You are allowing to display fraudulent information which enables you all to portray peoples public records ( CCBI” which I have contacted them as well and the WCJC and they got their legal letters just like you will be). Oh by the way I got a current case that is goin on involving the mugshot on this link (http://wakemugshots.com/wellington-delano-dickens-2/) I am certain that I will be getting this disposed as well for an heads up cuz I will be doin a separate claim that will be alot bigger considering the more seriousness of that issue and the fact that its another False Claim By the RALEIGH POLICE DEPARTMENT. Looking forward to not having to go to court for this and just settling this out of Court due simply to the amount of time it will take….but if Im ignored like somebody thinks Im playing around that works their that is in charge of handling these matters than I hope they are ready to back it up with possibly their Job because I could go to Court tomorrow if need be for this matter. Im not a PERSON Im an Aggrieved Man/Beneficiary/Executor over the all caps name that You all are displaying (WELLINGTON DICKENS III). If I have to find you all address by my own means then I definitely will grow deaf ears to much of the negotiations once I start this because Im tired of being the Nice guy with alot of you people while those who work their seem to not give a damn about me and my situation. So for remember I sent this email and you may wanna look my name up with law enforcement,CCBI,WCJC, or whomever and Im sure they will let you know, for if they dont then they too may just havent been legally “affected” yet. Thanks and the countdown is on now for that address.

  2. Wellington Dickens III says:

    Hi there I was just got this case disposed and now I would appreciate if the site took down my personal information or reflect a more current depiction of the facts as they are today. If I can do anything to assist in this matter then please let me know. Thanks

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