Age: 46


Residence Address: 1211 SILVER SAGE DR 302 RALEIGH, NC 27606

Arrest Location: 440 W/B EXIT 1B RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: ML HATHAWAY-RPD



02-08-2016 20-138.1 DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED

02-08-2016 20-166(C)(1) HIT/RUN LEAVE SCENE PROP DAM

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  1. David Warren Clarke Jr. says:

    YOU SNITCH BITCH!! I just found out that you told the pigs about my automatic AK-47s that I am selling and even about my new grow room in Raleigh! Fucking gonna get you.

    You had better keep your mouth shut about what I got stashed in the ground in Rolesville! Ass Wipe….See you soon.

  2. Tom Davenport says:

    I do not care what people say about me and will keep snitching on people like cocaine dealing JD in Benson and Tom Walker in Raleigh. “Friends”to me are stepping stones that allow me to be a selfish pill popping, drunken cokehead and stay out of jail. My real friends are the lazy doughnut belly police that I can cut deals with through my crooked lawyer (Duncan McMillan). So get stuffed and just suck it up by doing my time for me….buncha fools…ha ha

  3. P. Redwine jr. says:

    I have known Tommy since 5th grade at Millbrook Elementary. He is a scumbag cocaine dealing snitch. I hope he gets shanked doing his weekends at the Wake County Public Safety Center. ” Snitches Belong in Ditches”

  4. D. Mcmillan says:

    I ain’t gonna represent you this time. Last time it cost me several thousands in lost revenue. ie No beach house!

  5. Toms Mom says:

    My poor little boy!! Give Momma a kiss on the lips and we can sleep on it. Something is bound to come up in the night and then we can figure this problem out together…Like a loving mother should….

  6. Dave Clarke says:

    Is it just me or does Tommy look like he is about to cry in his police photo. Poor guy. I mean its not like he hurt anybody driving around drunk at 6 am and smashing into things?? You should just let him off with a warning before he really does start to cry like a little girl…Come on guys, cut him some slack….

  7. Frank Miller says:

    BINGO! There are alot of people looking for this creature. Thanks so much for providing his address! You have done many a possible victim of this drug addicted police informer a great service…. Maybe see ya at the funeral party??

  8. B. Bryn says:

    Look at that face. Like a Rat in a Cage of Vipers……”Ouch it hurts, don’t hit me, Mommy, Mommy!!!!!……” Tom has previously Ratted out aquaintinces for favor from the police. This known as a “Snitch”. They are not liked in a prison community.

  9. Tom Walker says:

    Guess he still drinks and I am sure he is still doing his Coke and Pills as well. Hope he cleans up in rehab. And surely hope he cdoes not run into any of the people he set up with the police??! Nobody likes a snitch let alone one that does it for money and rewards from the police!?! Talk about Karma!

  10. JB Benson says:

    Looks like Tommy is getting his just deserts after snitching out soooo many people to the cops; he is now getting a taste of his own medicine. Poor Tommy….I don’t think they klet you snitch your way out of this one…Say hello to community service and save up money(lawyer…lots) for your crooked

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