Age: 44


Residence Address: 1241 RIO WILD DR 202 RALEIGH, NC 27614

Arrest Location: 454 ATLANTIC AVE RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: RA GERGANOUS-RPD



07-01-2016 14-17 FIRST DEGREE MURDER

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3 thoughts on “TARA LEIGH RICE”

  1. David C. Rice says:

    July 21, 2016
    In remembrance of Sgt. Mark Edward Rice 8/6/61-7/1/16: Son, brother, friend, proud US Marine
    This is a post from my Facebook page. An attempt to vent while honoring my brother’s memory. First I want to say that this is NOT a bash on any reporters, etc. I have no personal animosity against any of those reporting. That being said, while reporting news does need to be somewhat antiseptic and impartial, there also needs to be a balance with how the people and/or family, friends, etc are affected by the information put on air. WORDS HAVE MEANING: which words are used, how they are put together, the context of those words, and also an important element is which words are left out. If you always have something critical to say to your child in an attempt to teach but never utter the words “I Love You” does that child grow up learning the lesson being taught but never knowing if they were loved?
    News reporting can be the same, while the reports were concise, they didn’t tell the whole story and led the reader to accept the premise that this was brought on by only my brother. Why was an unknown neighbor calling 911 able to quote something they had no knowledge of because they weren’t in the apartment, why wasn’t the other person in the apartment interviewed or at least mentioned, why wasn’t my now ex-sister in law’s frequent outbursts and record left out, why weren’t those who knew both parties interviewed to get a sense of WHY this happened?
    While I believe that God does bring good out of tragedy – I’m still trying to wrap my brain around what lesson is to be learned by these actions. Maybe it’s to bring my family even closer together, to make sure we always keep in touch and constantly tell each other we love each other (which we have always tried to do); maybe it’s to teach someone to not let an opportunity pass by they would have otherwise taken because they believe “there’s time for that later”; maybe it’s to just reinforce to me and my family how loved my brother was by so many people – those that packed our church back on July 9th to all of those that weren’t able to attend but still took the time to say great things about him and how good he was to his family, what a great friend and coworker he was, and how he always lit up the room with his humor and love.
    Remember – WORDS HAVE MEANING – an old adage states “Say what you mean and mean what you say” (don’t know who to quote here)
    Lastly, I would like to say – I love my brother, I will always miss my brother, a hole has been left where he once was; it will fill in in time with the great memories as they swarm back into my mind and see the influence he has had on so many people throughout the years.

    July 19, 2016
    Everyone knows I don’t post a lot of personal stuff here. I enjoy seeing old and new friends – how they are doing and the families or directions they have followed in life. I mostly like the funny stuff, because there’s enough bad news and drama everywhere nowadays. I do once again want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers through this difficult time that my family is going through with the loss of Mark. I am constantly skipping all over the “grief cycle” thanks a lot to my wonderful doctor and Valium. Well it’s run out and some of the walls are crumbling. Soooo, today I ‘m having some anger issues. However, not really where you would think it should be aimed. I’m not here to impugn the character or motives of my now ex-sister in law, that should all come out and I have my own personal and religious opinions and beliefs about that. Nor am I here to say Mark was a complete Saint. We all have our issues.
    However, my issue today deals with Journalistic Irresponsibility. First, I’m not saying the Raleigh news orgs are malicious in how they report the news, I do not know these people. I don’t watch their shows because I live in Wilmington. I know several news people and like most orgs the small percentage of those that do incorrect things give the majority a bad rep sometimes. After reading the initial reports on the news it struck me how they focus on Mark’s record of being charged. They give no mention that Tara was also charged, that a member of our family bailed both out, and that all charges were dropped. I don’t know how the DA’s work in Wake County but here in New Hanover County they don’t just drop those type of charges because either party just says “never mind”. I worked for a few years with Dr. Joseph Rochelle teaching Domestic Violence classes with the Domestic Violence Offender’s Program here in Wilmington. I know the signs and types of domestic violence, the subtleties and horrors. I am not a therapist but Mark did not have an abusive personality (ask anyone who knew him and who also knew both of them as a couple). We grew up in the same household, raised by two awesome, respectable parents who taught us well.
    My issue with the media is that they quoted a caller that stated that (he) slammed her against the wall, and then a sound that could have been a gun shot. Number 1-this caller wasn’t in the apartment; anyone who has ever lived in an apartment knows that slamming your dresser drawer too hard sounds like its coming through the wall. Number 2- they didn’t interview the other person in the apartment and I really haven’t seen that they have even reported there was someone else there.
    Domestic disturbance does not necessarily equate to Domestic Violence. Did Mark and his wife argue – probably – was he abusive, ask anyone who knew them both or has known him for anytime – no. I have since learned that he actually locked that particular gun up in his truck on several occasions when she was “angry”. Were police called to the apartment on occasion, probably, it’s public record, look it up. I actually advocate for neighbors to call the police if they suspect violence. Remember I taught Domestic Violence classes for several years, there is a precedent for violence to occur between couples and non-couples.
    I don’t know if the media will ever follow up on anything – several people have contacted them to elaborate on the situation, but it’s how sound bytes are edited or whether they even make it to air or print.
    I can sleep with the knowledge of knowing my brother was a good man; he took care of his family, he worked hard, he laughed, joked, cried, angered, loved God, and I will see him again one day.

  2. Richard Hinkley says:

    Rest in Peace Mark…..Tara, I cannot believe you just snapped. No damn excuse!!!!!!!!

    1. David C. Rice says:

      Richard, Thank you for all you have done to help my family through this time; you were/are an awesome friend to my brother and do his memory proud.

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