Age: 32


Residence Address: 2013 SUMMERWOOD DR. CLAYTON, NC 27520

Arrest Location: 2501 S. SAUNDERS ST. RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: JM DE LA SIERRA-RPD




3 thoughts on “TABATHA MAY REED”

  1. devin says:

    now the recent bp ads saying 50 and 60. Whats that old saying? You cant make a ho into a housewife? You cant sell it cheap and expect that somehow the product is worth more all of a sudden. Yah this ho is a joke

  2. kyle says:

    well who should be surprised by this familiar mugshot? And they get uglier every time. At least 20 yrs worth of prostitution at the cheapest level- goin for 20 to 30 a pop and even that is askin too much for anything looks acts
    and is that used up. Combine that with her HUGE APPETITE FOR CRACk and the result is the dumbed down rotted mouth (godalmighty whats left of her teeth ought to scare any idiot paying to put their joystick betwwen those jaws) and the smoke clouds all around her in thoze awful selfies she takes for her ads on backpage. Yea stayin up for days on crack binges as a used up pump and dump makes for a big high that make her keep taking the pics becuz enough of that brain damage is giving her false ideas bout how she looks. Maybe some of theze desperate losers still paying to screw garbage oughtta bring it a dam dinner once in a while. Even better when the adds say gorgeous smile. Even better sayin independent and no rush. Gotta rush so she can grab that pipe. Has a skinny little aa so call boyfriend.yaeh boyfriends just love a cheap prostitute who stinks like 20 other men at the end of 2 days.and cant wait to make out with d–k breath. Todays award for trash of the yr.

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