Age: 18


Residence Address: 2700 ST MARYS ST RALEIGH, NC 27609

Arrest Location: 2700 ST MARYS ST RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: JD FOX-RPD





22 thoughts on “SAMUEL CHARLES HAZAN”

  1. Sam Hazan says:

    Thanks for all the love, im fresh out the cell and checked into rehab. They cant keep me locked up forever. Fuck 12, keep your scopes up

  2. Konzi says:

    You stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid why u so fuckin stuoid

  3. Colton Baker says:

    You bitch ass nigga quit gettin in trouble. All I sayin is dont do nun else stupid.


  4. Garrett says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAH you stupid stumble fuck! What dumbass pulls up there mask. I’m dieting on the floor laughing!! This made my day!

  5. Konkov says:

    Get your shit together man, you already fucked up at HMA don’t fuck up the rest of your life.

  6. ahah says:

    haha bitch!!!!!!

  7. Mrs. Morrow says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Fuck you Hazan!! Stupid bitch! Serves you right! Its about time you got where you belong!

  8. Decker says:

    shit Hazan. Get your crap together. Youve been at HMA too long to get out and get fucked over that quick

  9. Thomas Taylor says:

    you fucker. known you two years. then this shit happens cmon bro. you gotta get yourself back on track, just keep ur head up. Well miss you at the ‘Grave. Good luck man

    1. jkkk says:

      this shit is clearly not real

  10. pederson says:

    hey man sorry you got kicked out and now your in prison, i was so sad when you got kicked out because i was always secretly attracted to you… i will beat my dick to this mugshot so i will never forget you, i hope i see you again 😉 😉 😉

  11. Avelo says:

    I misss u

  12. Keyunga says:

    Hey, love and miss u man!!!!!!! hmu when u get out! #FreeHazan <3

  13. The Last Panda says:

    Hey man we all miss you here at HMA. Stay strong and don’t get pregnant. We are all here for you. You were the funniest kid here and I will never forget the day you got kicked out of this shit hole. I almost cried that day no lie because I knew that there was a chance you might not make it on the outside and I was right. We know why you did it and honestly yes it was stupid but it was understandable. Love you man!!! You will be in our prayers.

  14. shaw says:

    god dammit Hazan

  15. wow says:

    I known you since last year and you were funny stay strong and if and when you get out don’t do anything more stupid Bro, thought you were better than this. I do miss your humor in hills class but one last thing don’t get your ass stretched out

  16. Zmula says:

    Yo bruh you gotta get your shit straight, Hmu when you get out I can help

  17. Burton says:

    You done fucked up, but hey I never forget the time we spent in Chapz class. Miss you man stay strong!

  18. Malifromhg says:

    Wow Hazan not gonna lie but I am not surprised

  19. R&A says:

    We can’t stop laughing, miss you bro!

  20. Kartz says:

    Good job man! Miss you buddy;D

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