Age: 22


Residence Address: 300 MAPLE CREEK CT APEX, NC 27502

Arrest Location: 1401 N. MAIN ST FUQUAY VARINA, NC

Arresting Officer: DA BROWN-FVPD



07-02-2015 14-33(C)(2) ASSAULT ON A FEMALE

6 thoughts on “RYAN SCOTT CHAMBERS”

  1. David M. says:

    The girlfriend has dropped charges. We figured as much. This guy continues to get away with the abuse. No one will press charges,..therefore, the cycle of abuse continues.

  2. David M. says:

    RYAN SCOTT CHAMBERS. 2ND Charge of Assault on a Female. 1st Charge in 2015 under Wake County Mugshots. 2nd Charge on June 14, 2017. Two different women. This guy likes to abuse women. Remember: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

    It will happen again.

  3. A Concerned Witness says:

    Chloe, I was working at the Walgreens at the time and I witnessed the entire scene. Don’t ever lie about being physically abused by anyone. He was enraged and slammed you up against your car and repeatedly pushed you while screaming profanities. I have yet to witness a man physically abuse a woman until that night. There were many witnesses to this event while he was being arrested and crying for you to help him. What he did to you was not cool at all and the fear on your face made me suspect this was not the first time he’s abused you. You did yourself no favors telling the police officers you were not pressing charges. I would have let him sit in jail until he learned his lesson. Do not ever give anyone permission to harm you! I pray this guy is not in your life now or another woman’s life. Men that abuse women are dirt and it will happen again either to you or someone else. Just some simple advice for all women who are dealing with this and may God be with you.

  4. Chloe says:

    i was witness to this incident along with two other employees of the store. This man DID NOT ASSAULT THIS FEMALE!!! He merely pushed her on the shoulder with an open hand. Bojangles wasn’t open yet, and the SIX POLICE CARS from Fuquay Police Department had nothing else to do at 4:30 am but to charge into the parking lot to get involved with what they call an assault on a female. The woman was fine. The employees of this store were witnesses as well. This young man was on the ground before the police even said a word, AND had his hands behind his back before he was even asked to by the FPD. Yet, while handcuffing him, one officer kicked him in his leg, one kicked him in the back and one put his foot on his head against the pavement while every one of the officers had their guns pointed directly at his head ready to fire. This young man DID NOT RESIST at any point. But these mighty men of the FPD had to prove their manlihood by holding guns to his head. I have NEVER WITNESSED SUCH POLICE BRUTALITY IN MY LIFE!!! If that wasn’t enough, the police had not even spoken to the woman yet!!! As the “Head Honcho” of the FPD came up to the so-called “victim” to question her, he completely dismissed everything this woman said. He was so set on being a COP, that he tooted his own horn by saying “This man hit you in the face”. The woman told him “no he didn’t, he merely pushed my shoulder with an open hand because he was afraid something bad had happened to me when he couldn’t find me. The COP continued to interrupt her saying “I saw him hit you in the face”. This COP was speeding through a red light and barreled into the parking lot. He could not have been mindful enough to speed, drive looking forward and making a turn as fast as cops always do. He put Mr. Chambers in his police car. The woman told all 8 cops to look at her face, and did they see a hand print? A bruise? Anything? As the two sheriffs arrived, the woman saw all the cops gathered by the HEAD HONCHO’s car laughing and talking about “what to do with ‘HIM’. The Sheriff’s said “we would just let him go. The woman says she will not press charges because he didn’t hit her and you guys really have no case”. Yet, the HEAD HONCHO arrested Mr. Chambers and drove him off to jail. In court, the HEAD HONCHO lied and told the judge that Mr. Chambers punched the woman so hard in the nose that she was assaulted and that Mr. Chambers resisted arrest. Everything this COP said was a LIE. HE LIED IN COURT TO A JUDGE!!! And DO NOT THINK THIS CANT HAPPEN TO WHITE PEOPLE TOO!!!! COPS ARE NOT RACIST!!!! THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE. He was given NO BOND. The last words to him from the HEAD HONCHO were, “you’d better get an ice pack for the lady’s bloody nose”. As far as the two young men that “saw everything and signed witness statements”, these guys come from the back of the building and there was no way possible they saw anything they claimed. So, whatever you read or hear or wish to say about this young man that may be derogatory…SHUT YOU MOUTH. YOU WERE NOT THERE WATCHING THIS BULLSHIT! You can thank our wonderful President for giving COPS…TOO MUCH POWER and always taking the COP’s word!!! NOT ALL COPS ARE GOOD COPS!!! Just in case you haven’t figured that out yet. IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!

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