Age: 24


Residence Address: 1216 OLD BULLFINCH L APEX, NC 27523

Arrest Location: 1216 BULLFINCH LN. APEX, NC

Arresting Officer: WL HOTCHKISS-APD



06-13-2017 14-33(C)(2) ASSAULT ON A FEMALE

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2 thoughts on “RYAN SCOTT CHAMBERS”

  1. David M. says:

    This is the second assault charge for this guy. The first one was in 2015 for assault on a female. Two different arrests for two different women. My question is who’s bailing guys like this out with no consequences? He obviously likes to beat up women.

    1. Tan Walsh says:

      Your exactly right. The 2015 court case was continued five times until it was finally dropped. So far his lawyer has continued the 2017 court case twice. Now the next court date is September 27, 2017. His girlfriend dropped the charges against him for the July 2017 charges. I would love to be a spectator and watch a judge do their homework and see he has had two separate charges now in 2 years of “assaulting women”. Let’s hope they get him off the streets.

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