Age: 55


Residence Address: 4516 BAYMAR DR 202 RALEIGH, NC 27612

Arrest Location: 3305 DRAVE CIR RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: I PSYQYIL-RPD



06-16-2015 14-159.13 SECOND DEGREE TRESPASS


  1. jovan says:

    The Raleigh Police Office is doing the right thing by protecting abortion clinics. This man has been harassing women and children at the clinics all over the US. Mr. Tringali is a threat to society and he needs to be locked up for the rest of his natural born life!

  2. Amalthea says:

    Goodness, I agree with bobsays….there are many religious fetal-idolator mental midgets here, who dehumanize women.

    Starzy and Debra, my dears, gelatinous non sentient embryos are not “babies”. Up to 80% of embryos fail to implant and are simply shed from sexually active women into the toilet. Get an education.

    Police Chaplain Bill, honey, hell is a made-up concept by power-hungry men to frighten and control the weak-minded and superstitious.

    Dustin, sweetie, anyone who stalks and harasses women entering medical facilities has a mental disorder.

  3. Pat says:

    Soooo many dillholes on here complaining that this is a “good” man. A “good” man who doxxed a woman who works with small children. A “good” man who has called and harassed a woman’s place of business because of what she does on her personal time. A good man who drives around the country to harass and verbally abuse and spit on women entering women’s health clinics. Clinics that provide things like pap smears, contraceptive care, fertility screenings, cancer screenings, and (yes) abortions. I’m sure he verifies before screaming in their face about how they’re going to hell that these people are getting an abortion (PFFFFT). Because that’s totally what a “good” Xtian man does, right? He makes sure, before he judges the heck out a complete stranger that they are, in fact, guilty of the perceived crime they’re accusing them of?

    Then again, you dillholes defending that misogynistic pissmuppet probably think I’m going to hell. I guess I’ll see you wank trumpets there.

  4. Dana says:

    He looks like he should be fighting with ISIS. Christian and Islamic extremists are one in the same. They use their imaginary friend in the clouds to try and control the lives of everyone around them. This man is nothing but a domestic terrorist trying to stop women from seeking a medical procedure that is completely legal and protected by the US Constitution. What others do with their bodies is none of this jerk’s business, or the business of others like him. Forced birthers are sick and insane people that should be locked up in asylums.

  5. Marcia roy says:

    Men like this piece of shit Tringali, have NO right to tell women what to do with their ovaries. You uneducated, red necks are jealous of intelligent women standing up to your bullshit. Are you assholes going to bring all these babies you want to safe in your home, feed cloth, educated medical needs. Are you going to do that? No you are not. You are lying sacks of shit. Oh and there is no such thing as a god. Religion is fake! You are disgusting cave men. Stay out of strangers lives. Stay out of their ovaries.

  6. frank says:

    How come the above anti-choice ranter and ravers do not remember that having an abortion is a constitutional right?

    The man above is travelling the country interfering with women claiming their right to an abortion. What he is doing is illegal.

    By the way, abortion was legal in the US until about 1900. It was made illegal by male doctors who wanted to monopolize medicine as a new profession by making midwivery illegal.

    Women were not to be allowed into the new profession.

    It had very little to do with religious doctrine. (Catholics were a much less influential organization at the time; in fact, protestant Americans were very suspicious of them.)

    Midwives both gave birth and provided abortions.

    The present day anti-abortion movement has less to do with religion and more to do with lower-class white male resentment over women gaining more rights and power.

    That is one reason such males are in the forefront of this type of movement. None of them care a twig about poor women having access to pre-natal care or that the child born to a poor women have access to a good diet, medical care or housing.

    It is all about putting women back into their “place.”

    (A lot of these guys support the many wars the US elite start worldwide. Many times US bombers, drones, etc. kill pregnant women without a flick of care or concern.
    Just like these anti-abortion guys.)

  7. bob says:

    wow theres a lot of mental midgets here,sticking up for this douchebag POS

  8. FilthyRagsSoap says:

    What a disgrace & a waste of Raliegh taxpayers money! Don’t you have better things to do than to arrest Gospel loving, God fearing men such as Matthew? Oh…wait. Darkness hates Light. I see. Yes, we are dealing with baby murder lovers & minions of Satan here. Carry on my Brother. You Mr. Policeman will give an account. Eph 5:11 The time is near….

  9. Roovis says:

    The police are being manipulated and used. Serve the people, not the abortion centers. Define clearly where the property lines and this won’t happen.

  10. Joe Manzo says:

    Well done my good and faithful servant will be the only judgment that Matt has in store for him.

  11. matthew is a good man. this is tragic and outrageous

  12. John says:

    Folks, lets take a deep breath and step back for a moment. The abortion mill worker falsely swore out the warrant for trespassing. The Raleigh PD were only involved in serving the warrant. We do have a duty to be truthful about this incident. Some of the rhetoric here is a tat overboard.

  13. Debra says:

    Every officer on the Raleigh police force should be interposing on behalf of the babies that are being murdered in the name of convenience in Raleigh. Shame on you for arresting Matthew Tringali. You officers will be held to account for the blood of the innocents that are being led right past you and into the Raleigh slaughterhouses. Hear their silent screams. Do not turn away.

    1. Joe Saxon says:

      Interposition is b.s. invented by morons, Matt Trewhella being the chief moron.

  14. Presseddiwnandmeasured says:

    Tringali and I have preached shoulder to shoulder. I cannot imagine anything in word or deed that would justify his arrest. He preaches for the innocent preborn image bearers of God and against the American Holocaust in abortion. He came in the name of the Lord preaching repentance toward God and faith in the Lird Jesus Christ.
    I pray Lord have mercy on the arresting officer, the RPD and the workers of iniquity undertaking abortion. I appeal to you repent and be saved in the name of Christ.

  15. Cal Zastrow says:

    Be a hero, save a whale.
    Save a baby, go to jail.
    Shame on the God-hating RPD.
    My family and I are so honored to know you, Matthew.

    1. Joe Saxon says:

      You would, Cal. You are a fetus idolator.

  16. Starzy says:

    What a gross injustice that is being carried out by the raleigh police department against this innocent & upstanding veteran and citizen. What tyranny and SHAME! Why don’t the police arrest the people who are butchering babies for money? You know the people committing actual pre-meditated murder and paying a serial killer to carry out their evil devices upon their own children? Oh, that’s right. I know why. The police department will not uphold the law to protect all citizens only the ones that our tyrannical government approve of. Where are the righteous men of valor in this wicked generation?

  17. The police officer that arrested my dear friend Matthew will one day have to give an account to a Holy God. Unless officer I. Psyqyil becomes born again, and repents from his sins, he is an enemy of Christ; and will perish in hell for an eternity. More about how the lawman broke all of Gods Holy Law here

    Inland Police Officers Coalition, Inc.

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