Age: 60


Residence Address: 119 E LAURENBROOK CT CARY, NC 27518

Arrest Location: 6470 TRYON RD CARY, NC

Arresting Officer: JA FULBRIGHT-CPD



01-06-2016 50B-4.1(A) DV PROTECTIVE ORDER VIOL (M)

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6 thoughts on “LEWIS WAYNE HOLLEY”

  1. Larry says:

    Diana Jo Koehn (Diana Nissen Koehn) told many lies which led to Mr. Holley being arrested. All charges were later dismissed. All Civil and Criminal Law causes available are being pursued to hold Koehn accountable for her actions.

  2. women against male persecution says:

    The original DVPO against Mr. Holley is being appealed in the North Carolina Court of Appeals to determine if the claims by Diana Nissen Khoen are valid. The briefs filed by Mr. Holley’s attorney show that their was no basis for the original DVPO. The final court ruling is to be determined in the next few months. If the appeal is successful there will be additional legal actions.

  3. W Holley says:

    Dismissed; he deserves apologizes from the court system and the initial perpetrator of the DVPO (D. Koehn)

  4. women against male abuse says:

    DISMISSED! This should be removed! People need to apologize to him and ask for his forgiveness for how he’s been treated during this process.

  5. women against male abuse says:

    A nice man. Didn’t deserve this and hopefully one day people will make this right and remove this mugshot.

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