Age: 77


Residence Address: 3316 BOULDER CT RALEIGH, NC 27607

Arrest Location: 3301 HAMMOND RD RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: WR JACKSON-RPD



04-24-2015 14-72(A) MISDEMEANOR LARCENY


3 thoughts on “BHOLA NATH GUPTA”

  1. comencita says:

    This man is a poor excuse of a landlord, he will not fix any thing in your home. One example for me is I moved into my home in Feb of 2015 gave this man 1460, which includes first month rent and security deposit. When the month of March approach I received a light bill well over my month rent in the amount of 740.00 and a water bill that was 896.00 and these bills were way off completely. I contacted the utility companies and they both explained that repairs are needed in my home. I took this to Gupta attention the man you see above and he just blew me off, I could not afford to pay these outstanding bills and his rent therefore he took e the court and my family and I was ordered to move. I lost my 1460 and in terms have to find some where else to live. The court system is aware of this man being a slum landlord but will not help me. All I have to say is that there is a God and I will have my day in court and when I do I will praise my god even more then ever because of what this man did to me and my family so if you still want to rent form this man you can but I bet you if you go down town and ask a clerk of court personnel about this man watch what they say and I bet you he is in court every other day because his name is known in wake county. justice will prevail.

  2. Kim says:

    This man has stolen ALOT from his tenants over the years.

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