Age: 30


Residence Address: 11610 COLBERT CREEK 310 RALEIGH, NC 27614

Arrest Location: 3301 HAMMOND RD RALEIGH, NC

Arresting Officer: WR SANDERS-RPD



05-07-2015 15A-543(C) FTA-MISD LARCENY (PERSON)


  1. franklun says:

    Ok anyone doubting this chik sells her grimy self for dope can simply google this number: 919 578 2123. Yep that is her 100 percent. And there is no doubt she WILL do RAW. so if anyone thinking with their little head before their big head for this chik just cause they’re hard up yep you ARE paying for disease and her nasty habits. be careful she will lie on men and say they raped her etc. whoever apologised for hearsay in above comments you must be on the same drugs or worse.

  2. Steve says:

    I want to sincerely apologize.I posted on line”hear say” concerning Angella,which I later found out were lies. I also should apologize for”jumping the gun”and accusing Angella of giving me a STD before getting checked. I had some bumps on me that was caused by chiggers. (It was crazy) So to whomever it may concern,I have no proof nor knowledge what so ever that Angella is having sex for money or anything. And I’ve never heard nor heard of anybody around here that has had sex with her.

  3. Clyde says:

    For more info on this girl contact,, 984-364-9727

  4. daniel says:

    and all those dope charges along with STEALING go hand in hand with her selling or should I say handing out her diseased body to get a fix. Sorry but she’s a walking skeleton and that big sore on her face in the mugshot has been there since february. If she’s so smart then why is she stealing- doing dope- and not showing up for court?? Along with being a complete skank.

  5. Osborne says:

    She didn’t burn her house up,and what’s so amazing is, not only is she beautiful but she’s smart (book and street)Can’t keep her down.

  6. Torri says:

    WHAT, She wasn’t arrested on DRUG charges ? She has been arrested at least twice a year for the past THREE years for drugs or speeding ( probably on her way to GET dope ) or driving on a revoked license. She hasn’t lived at Colbert Creek since she burned it down while nodding out on Heroin

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